Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Volunteer at library

Volunteer at your local library and ask if they need any help.

Plant a tree

Plant a tree to help make the Earth better.

Organize a food drive

You can organize a food drive and give all the food to a shelter.

Help someone move

If someone is moving, you can help them with getting rid of their old items or help with packing.

Lend snowblowers

You can lend a snowblower out in a snowstorm or use yours to remove the snow of someone older than you.

Pick up garbage cans

To help the elderly, you can put back up the driveway the garbage cans in the street at the end of the trash pick-up day.

Organize a clothing drive

You can organize a clothing drive and give all the clothes to a shelter.

Donate blood

You can donate blood to help the blood banks.

Clean closets

You can clean out clothes closets and donate any clothing you don't wear any longer.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Help others to read

Helping others to read is a great subject to teach someone.

Offer a trip

Offer someone to go on vacation with you that can't afford to go.

Don't drive drunk

Never driving after drinking will make all roads safer for everyone.

Become a teacher

Become a teacher to help future generations learn.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Take care of a pet

Offer to take care of a pet if a family is going on vacation.

Give old books away

If you no longer read a book, you can donate it or give it to someone you know to save them money.

Bring food to work

Bringing food to work for lunch will help others who many not have enough money.

Keep areas clean

Keep areas clean and throw out garbage if you see a public trash can nearby.

Write articles

You can write an article that gives people information on something they may not know how to do.

Buy lunch

If someone is going through hard financial times, buying someone lunch or dinner will help.

Donate in disasters

Be sure to donate money to any national disasters around the world.

Offer to babysit

Offer to babysit for someone who has a busy schedule.

Offer to help

Offer to help someone when they are going through a difficult time.

Use gifts as donations

Instead of taking money as a gift for your birthday, use it to make a donation to a charity.

Donate items

Donate any items that you don't use any longer to a charity that will take it.

Volunteer time to a charity

Volunteer some of your time to a local charity in your area.

Cook dinner

If you know how to cook, you can cook dinner for someone who is less able to.

Watch educational shows

If you are young, watch educational TV shows often, so you will know more when you are older.

Lend things

You can lend things to someone that may not have enough money to buy them.

Give speeches

Give a speech to people on something you were able to overcome, in order to help others.

Don't drive through stop signs

Don't drive through stop signs and red traffic lights.

Don't drive over the speed limit

Don't drive over the speed limit, so the roads are safer for everyone.

Don't cut drivers off

By not cutting drivers off on the road, the roads will be safer for everyone.

Cut lawn

Help to cut the lawn of someone that is elderly.

Do homework

Do homework from school so you will learn as much as possible for your future.

Help clean house

Help to clean the house of someone in the family or someone that is elderly.

Teach something

Teach something you know well to others to help them with the subject.

Donate food

You can donate food at food drives to help those who have no money to buy food.

Adopt a pet

Adopt a pet to keep them from living in shelters.

Recycle items

Recycle all plastics and other items so you can keep the Earth cleaner.

Don't litter

Don't litter the roads with trash.

Check on elderly

Check on the elderly often to see how they are doing.

Shovel snow for someone

Shovel snow for someone in the winter if they are older and can't do it.

Donate clothing

You can donate clothing at various places to help others who have no clothes.

Donate money online

You can donate money online to charities to help find cures for diseases and to other great causes.