Saturday, May 9, 2015

Let people cross at street crossings

Let people cross at street crossings to prevent accidents.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Junk mail

Take your name off the junk mail lists so you do not get catalogs in the mail you don't want. This will save many trees.

Recycle wire hangers

Recycle wire hangers rather than throw them out.

Recycle old newspapers

Recycling newspapers will save many trees over your lifetime.

Recycle glass

Recycle all glass products instead of throwing them out. This will reduce a lot of waste on the Earth.

Shade trees

If you plant some shade trees around your home, it will be less hot inside in the summer months. You will also be helping the Earth.

Use fans

Some rooms really don't need a window A/C if nobody is really ever in the room. For those rooms you can try using just a fan.

Turn off lights

Keep lights off in your house to save energy when you are not in the room.

Recycling ink cartridges

Recycle ink cartridges when they run out of ink rather than throw them in the garbage. This will reduce a lot of the waste if you print a lot.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Get a pet for disabled people

A pet may help out a disabled person and give them company. Even fish are a good pet to have.

Plan trips for disabled

Plan regular trips or visits often to spend time with them.

Be sure eldery are not alone

Be sure they don't spend the holidays alone. This will cheer them up if they are with someone.

Visit churches for information

Your local church or churches in the area where you live may have ways you can help the homeless.

Buy food for homeless

Buy some street food for a homeless person.

Get list of shelters

Develop a list of shelters in your area so you can hand them out to homeless people.

Monitor your children

Monitor your children's television, video game, and Internet use to be sure they are not online all of the time.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Do shopping for elderly

Do supermarket shopping for an elderly person.

Mention Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels gives hot lunches to elderly who qualify.

Help the blind

Help someone that is blind to do a difficult chore.

Bring elderly to medical appointment

Bring an elderly person to a medical appointment so they will not have to drive.

Bring a pet to elderly

Bring a friendly pet to an elderly family member or someone you know to cheer up their mood.

Play board games with elderly

Playing an older board game with elderly people will give them fun and also help them with thinking.

Help with homework

Help your children with homework and make sure they get it done.

Attend parent-teacher conferences

Keep in touch with your child's teacher. Schools usually have one or two parent-teacher conferences each year. You can find out what is going on with their learning in the classroom this way.

Meet with teachers

Meet your child's teacher to make it clear that you want the teacher to contact you if any problems develop with your child.

Give your children chores

Give your children some chores to do around the house, so they will learn responsibility.

Teach respect

Teach your children respect for others.

Get enough sleep

Make sure your children get enough sleep so they will perform better in school.

Encourage your children

Encourage your children in what they want to learn and what they want to be later in life.

Tell your children to read

You can read to them every day and also ask your children to read all of the time so they will keep learning.

Donate items to your school

See if you can donate materials to your local school by giving items like books, art supplies, sports equipment, computers, TV sets, and more.

Help out in school

Help out in your local school by volunteering in a lunchroom, gym, or playground.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Do not text while driving

Never talk on a cell phone or text while driving. It can cause accidents on the road.

Donate your hair

Cutting your hair and donating it to cancer patients is a great way to help others.